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About Us

Modeka Intellectual Property (MODEKA IP) is a service company specialized in the field of intellectual property rights (trademarks, patents, industrial design, copyright, trade secrets) in Indonesia as well as internationally (more than 180 countries).

MODEKA IP has been established since 1948, previously named KARMAYANA PATENT. It was first established by EKADHARMA KARMAJANA in 1948, then continued the second generation (two) by BHAKTI KARMAJANA in 1968 and since 1990 until now continued and continues to develop by MOELYONO KARMAYANA which is the 3rd generation (three).

We have had decades of experience in the field of intellectual property rights and have proven to provide satisfying services and always maintain good long-term relationships to our clients and also to our business partners from inside and outside the country, for that we continue to strive always develop better, efficient, effective and professional services at all times.

Why Us ?


Experienced and officially registered in the field of IPR in Indonesia and internationally since 1968

Collaboration with 180+ countries

Has established cooperation in more than 180 countries around the world for issues related to IPR


Always work effectively, efficiently and professionally

Thousands of clients

Has handled thousands of clients at home and abroad with a long-term relationship

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to become a service company specialized in the fields relating to the best and professional intellectual property rights in Indonesia and in the world.


Our mission is to always provide and develop services, knowledge and in-depth insight into quality in the field of intellectual property rights to the business world with real work, always study and resolve thoroughly the problems that exist in the business world today and in the future in the field of property rights intellectual.

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